Stop wasting time and lose weight!

Not enough time? Does exercise bore you, or make you feel tired --but you would still like to lose weight?

You are just going to love this secret! Instead of wasting time by rushing to the gym, put in the same amount of physical exercise at any point in your day when you've got time to kill. Or better yet, add it to chores or activities that you must do.Here are some examples: you have to brush your teeth.  You'd like to brush them thoroughly but you are in a rush and not that keen on brushing.  While you are brushing them, and this can easily take three minutes, get your legs to bend slightly as you stand in front of the mirror and sing aloud to speed it along. Instead of waiting for the elevator, walk down the stairs quickly! If you are waiting for the bus, pace up and down-- in the subway, stand up straight without putting your weight on one hip. Have dishes to wash? Wash them yourself. You won't have to pre-rinse, put them in the dishwasher and then get them out. You need to pick up something from the floor? Don't bend over by bending your trunk forward, bend your knees. This will use your lower body and will help you slim down for life.